Supporting and Empowering the Kurdish Community through Covid-19

The NZ Kurdish Community Incorporated (NZ Kurdish Community) wants to support and empower the Kurds in New Zealand through the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. In order to this, the NZ Kurdish Community will carry out online Kurdish classes for Kurdish youth and online exercise classes for adults, provide delivery and food services through a volunteer programme and also establish a limited amount of interpretive/translation services to assist those affected by Covid-19. Activity 1 – Online Kurdish Classes – up until now there has been a Kurdish community class running in South Auckland. As part of our yearly plan, we were looking to get this online and to spread this to the other regions of Auckland and New Zealand. Given the recent declaration of a State of Emergency and the lockdown due to the likely uncontrolled spread of Covid-19, these classes have halted. The NZ Kurdish Community wants to support the teacher in charge, in holding 70 short online classes through our Facebook page so that Kurdish families can utilize it to teach their kids during the lockdown. The foundation level Kurdish language course is about 70 classes worth of content and that is why 70 bite-size (20 minutes) classes have been designated. At a time like this, we want to make sure that those who were already learning Kurdish continue to have access to the classes, and those that were not can finally pick up reading, writing and speaking Kurdish at a basic level at least. This enables some in the community to maintain normalcy in some form during these difficult times whilst also giving others an opportunity to learn where the service has not existed previously. Activity 2 – Online Exercise Classes in Kurdish – for many Kurdish parents and adults in general, while they are able to speak English, they continue to communicate in Kurdish within the community and still use Kurdish as their primary form of communication. The NZ Kurdish Community wants to host 20 Kurdish exercise classes for Kurdish adults (both men and women) in order to ensure they are able to get their daily exercise even if at home. This will be made available to the community through the Facebook page but also through a YouTube channel. Both will be made available to people so they can always repeat classes if they need to. This assists in maintaining and increasing the level of wellbeing for the community and in reducing stress. Activity 3 – There are a number of older adults in the Kurdish community. In order to assist them in doing their shopping and also get this delivered to them, we want to get access to 20 x $50 food vouchers and funds for 20 delivery vouchers or the costs to cover it. This will be used as part of a volunteer system to buy essential food for these senior/reduced immunity individuals and get it delivered to them.

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